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In the early 1990’s, Gil de la Torre received a portable two-way radio, Icom 02AT from Ariel Suguitan nA dream of utilizing radio for social change nDela Torre named Mediacom to be a radio group dedicated for the public welfare. Its name can be traced back from civic organization which he first founded—Media Dynamics in 1975. This organization had assisted poor but deserving students pursued their studies in college thru sponsorship of several kindhearted individuals and philanthropists nIn 1991 the registration of Mediacom group at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was not considered. A group of RMN-DZXL newscasters had already registered it in the late 80’s! Following this, De la Torre had coined the word Radiocom in place of Mediacom. And, to promote Filipino gung-ho spirit, the name Kabalikat Radiocom was adopted. Thus, Kabalikat Radiocom, originally conceived and established by Gil de la Torre was registered in 1992 under SEC Registration No. 92-755.

nKamagong Radio Assistance Group (KRAG) based in Cubao, QC, Lakas Antipolo Radio Communicators League (LARCOM) in Antipolo, Rizal; Youth Assistance Civic Action Group (YACAG) in Sampaloc, Manila; Group of Youth Assistance Communicators (GRAYCOM) Paco; He also assisted in the establishment of CAVERS, a CB-VHF radio communicators group in Montalban, Rizal. nThis prompted, the Founder assisted by Celso P. Corpuz (Kabalikat 18.00) instrengthening  the organizational setup and called for a national assembly on May 1, 1994 in Olongapo City to unite all Kabalikat and preserve its nationwide existence.  It should be noted that  50 out of 51 Kabalikat existing chapters signified adherence to the renaming of the group into Kabalikat Civicom and recognizing it as the national organization.

The Organization was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Telecommunications Commission as the Kabalikat Civicom Association, Incorporated by the following incorporators: Gil de la Torre, Celso P. Corpuz, Engr. Silver Abubo, Dr. Cezail F. Villanueva, Leandro L. Lazaro, Diego Magpantay Jr, Vedasto Dayan, Francisco Morales, Hilario Pasag, Dean Edgar Geniza and Joed Tividad. nThe Kabalikat Civicom is a developmental communication group of several radio and television stations nationwide and an Ombudsman CPU (Corruption Prevention Unit). Recently, the Kabalikat had entered into a Memorandum of Agreements with several government agencies, to wit: Department of Transportation and Communications, Department of Interior and Local Government, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and the Philippine National Police, to name a few.

Thus, the Organization originally conceived as a mere responsible civic communication body, has now grown  in today’s worldwide Kabalikat Civicom — to serve as link to the complex network of active communication efforts geared towards nation building.

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